FIBULA / SICORE: from theory to real world application in a minute ! 

Powerful and ultra efficient DSP solution for signal processing and audio.


FIBULA development environment

SICORE application board

Connect to real world


Between university books and real world applications, there is quite a huge gap. We bridge it the smart way.


High level tools have made simulation on computer common. Everything is beautiful on a PC. But when it turns to get the job done on an embedded system, for a real product, things are usualy much harder. When dealing at the board level or inside the DSP it is very hard to keep the ideas clear about what had to be done.

In the embedded DSP world, the only way to get the most of the hardware is to code in assembly (why? see FAQ). The learning curve is steep and it requires a lot of engineering time. Porting the project from concept/simulation to the embedded DSP platform is often the work of a specialist, and few companies have the ressources in-house. In any case software maintenance/upgrade is difficult.

FIBULA-SICORE address these issues:


Design your system with FIBULA, download it to SICORE and you are done. 

With the SCOPE feature of FIBULA you can even have a look at the signals anywhere on the schematic, in real time! 





- University labs / research and development

- Algorithms development and optimization in real world situations with a simple platform, right from the start 

- Embedded or portable general signal processing requiring high resolution and multiple inputs and outputs

- Replacement of analog signal processors by programmable and versatile DSP

- Hi-end, Hi-fi audio (SICORE used as an OEM DSP engine in the system)




- Graphical DSP programming and high level programming language, while enabling full control of the hardware!

- Virtual oscilloscope feature enables analog-like signals visualization anywhere in the program, in real time!

- Cost effective alternative to MATLAB/SIMULINK/DSPACE* and LabVIEW*.

- Efficient alternative to standard DSP development environment (C compiler, eval board, debugger, scope)

- Rapid development of low power consumption high performance DSP systems

- Fast time to market, easy maintainability


Some of the numerous fields of application:


- Audio  (crossover, surround sound, mixing console, equalizer, effects...)

- Music  (instruments, guitar pedals, synthetizers...)

- Acoustics  (measurement, calibration)

- Industry, robotics  (vibration analysis, failure detection by noise analysis, ultrasound, radar)

- Telecom  (modulation/demodulation, coding/decoding...)

- Voice  (speech enhancement, noise cancellation...)

- Array processing  (blind source separation, beam forming...)



The FIBULA-SICORE solution for efficient DSP implementation results of the long time cooperation between a researcher and an engineer:



Dr. Jean-Marie Ory

CRAN laboratory (CNRS)

Researcher in digital signal processing and telecom. Teacher at the ESSTIN.

Mr. Laurent Fusilier

Graduate HES engineer and from SUPELEC in signal processing. 


He has worked on DSP applications in industry since the introduction of the famous Motorola DSP56001. His 20-year-researches on the most efficient way to get DSP theory to the real world have lead to the FIBULA software. 

He is involved in analog and digital audio electronic systems design for the hi-end market. He has worked with Jean-Marie Ory since 2002 and used the first (text based) FIBULA version to implement on DSP his relevant speaker cross-over design (patent pending).

Both felt the need for a high level of abstraction in DSP applications while maintaining super efficient use of the hardware (which means no C compiler, no automatic code generator) for low power consumption. 

Dr. Jean-Marie Ory has developed a great DSP tool chain, and much more: FIBULA, a Graphical programming interface with a large library of function blocks for telecom and audio, with the possibility for the user to create his own blocks.
The GUI manages the two cores, it generates super optimized assembly code directly (not C code, no compiler) and allows the full efficient use of the DSP.
Best of all: the GUI allows to place probes on the program schematic and display on its virtual oscilloscope the signals evolution inside the DSP in real time!
It also allows to control DSP program blocks parameters from the PC in real time!

To support FIBULA we developed a credit card size module based on efficient hardware that could be used in the lab, for prototyping, and then be directly implemented as an OEM module for small productions. See Hardware DSP.




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