ELSI INGENIERIE is directed by Laurent Fusilier, graduated HES Engineer in electrical engineering and embedded systems (Switzerland) and from SUPELEC (France) with a thesis at Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton (USA) in statistical signal processing and psychoacoustics.

ELSI INGENIERIE inherits of a 30-year-knowhow in electronical and electromechanical devices engineering and installation on special heavy duty vehicules and industrial machines, as well as an over 20-year-knowhow in engineering and manufacturing of precision devices for the most regarded music recording and mixing studios.

Thanks to its patents and its intensive research and development activity, ELSI INGENIERIE has been certified 'JEI' (Innovative Company).


ELSI INGENIERIE has expertise in analog and digital electronics, power electronics, mechatronics, rugged embedded systems software and hardware engineering, low power consumption designs, signal processing and algorithms, psychoacoustics...


ELSI INGENIERIE is based on innovation in technology. Its goal is to provide very high quality products targeting specific needs that cannot be satisfied by mass market products.

ELSI INGENIERIE masters its products from the idea up to the marketing and the installation.


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